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A newly crowned King, an old threat and a tower guarded by monsters, traps, magic and more. Climb through the levels of Necore Tower, a place usually filled with pilgrims and vagabonds, wishing to pay homage to the goddess of life, Abigail and place their hands on the realm's most sacred artifact, the Necoria, which is secured at the tower's spire by ancient magics.

Word had just been received by the royal scouts that there was trouble at Necore Tower. When that word reached the King's ear, for in fear of the return of the Dark Arcane Wielders, newly crowned King, Garlen Hastein, swiftly rallied his troops and his most faithful protectors, the Crimson Guard to march on Necore Tower.

In an attempt to avoid detection by whomever or whatever had tainted the tower, Garlen brings his troops to the rear entrance of the tower, the pilgrim's entrance.

However, it seems it was all in vain, as no sooner had Garlen entered the clearing, a tree, that had been standing strong for millennia, fell, nearly crushing him and those behind him to death.
Upon further investigation, the tree had been warded with ancient magic, an ancient magic that made Garlen shiver.

Trapped now with limited supplies, a few of his Crimson Guard and Samuel Blackthorn his Family's most entrusted protector. Garlen must ascend the tower and defeat whatever may be waiting for him.

But, can it be done?....

Necore Tower is a 2D Action Role-Playing Game with souls-like combat and a rogue-like death system. Dying will cause your progress up the tower to reset, however, your upgrades will remain. Collect gold, ore and gems to upgrade your stats and purchase life saving potions.

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