A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Study Eat Sleep was developed in 48hrs  by myself and Matt Palumbo for a local Game Jam style event, while working on our other projects.

Juggle everyday tasks to get to day 91 (the end of week 13) but Keep In Mind Your Studies! You will fail if you haven't completed enough work! Watch the Happiness and Energy Meters As Well!

You don't want to fail due to exhaustion or being unhappy!

Linux Build Is Untested, supports x86_64

Per Request, the WebGL version is now available here: https://simmer.io/@OutbackGames/study-eat-sleep-repeat
Play In Fullscreen if objects are difficult to use.

Be Aware That Inevitably There Are Going To Be Bugs, Bugs That We May Never Fix As This Was For A Game Jam Event.


WASD to Move

E to Interact

Left Shift to Sprint

Xbox Controller (partial support)

X to interact

Left Stick - Move

Right Stick - Look

A to Use UI Buttons

Left Trigger = Sprint

Install instructions

  • Extract All Files To A Folder
  • Read the README
  • Run StudySleepEatRepeat.exe
  • Enjoy


v1.3.0.zip 37 MB
Linux v1.3.0.zip 42 MB

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